Editor’s Letter: Superstar Status

Welcome to 2017! In this first issue of the year, we announce our annual list of CR Superstars. These thought leaders have impressive backgrounds, valuable industry contributions, and exciting futures. We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to this outstanding group.What does it mean to be a CR Superstar? There are traits that an executive needs to be successful, but being specifically recognized as a CR and sustainability leader requires something extra. This something extra is passion.Being passionate about your work is essential in this industry. We like to acknowledge leaders who live and breathe CR in their everyday lives—whether it’s through volunteering in your free time, driving a hybrid vehicle, choosing to head up a philanthropic arm of the company, or even writing for us at CR Magazine to share some of your initiatives with our readers. We see your efforts and we wholeheartedly respect them.This year, we have more nominations than ever—meaning we have more readers who are encouraged to nominate their peers and increase their visibility. We have also decided to show off our winners on social media—follow @CR_Mag or search #CRSuperstars on Twitter to find the whole list and make sure to retweet!

Many of the companies we feature in our magazine are superstars as well. We are always looking for individuals and enterprises that are leading the way in sustainable solutions to today’s issues. Because the holidays have just passed, we decided to take a look at FedEx and UPS’ sustainable practices to see who comes out on top in corporate responsibility, by the numbers. Read our story and judge for yourself.

We also have a feature on Starbucks and how the company makes an effort to apply its brand, voice, and influence to affect positive change. Some of their initiatives include the Starbucks College Achievement Plan with tuition reimbursement; committing to hiring 10,000 military veterans and spouses (8,000 hires so far); dedicating more than 30 military family stores across the country to help support veterans and ease their transition to civilian life; and committing to hiring and engaging 100,000 “opportunity youth” through the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative.

Another company making serious sustainability strides is Ace Hardware and the Ace Hardware Foundation. Ace’s philanthropic mission helps local communities in need. They have raised more than $80 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars of products to the American Red Cross during times of disaster.

Do you want to show your peers that your company is a superstar status too? Email me at Belinda.Sharr@SharedXpertise.com with story ideas or comments. We are always looking to hear from our CR community!

Belinda SharrEditor


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