Alternative Energy Provider Statements on U.S. Exiting Paris Climate Agreement

On June 1, 2017, President Trump announced that the United States will withdraw from the Paris climate accord. CR Magazine asked companies we interviewed for our recent alternative energy story to comment. Statements are below.

Exelon is committed to working with policymakers to drive progress on energy policies that benefit our customers, economy and the global environment, and so we continue to support placing a value on carbon emissions nationally, as well as the innovative policies coming out at the state level – such as zero-emissions credit programs and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative – that reduce air pollution and protect human health.

ExxonMobil supports the Paris Accord, which is an important step forward in the global challenge to reduce emissions. It’s the first major international accord to address climate change that includes emissions reduction pledges from both developed and developing economies. This is critical, as developing countries already account for a majority of greenhouse gas emissions; China is the world’s leading greenhouse gas emitter, and India is likely to surpass the United States as the second largest greenhouse gas emitter before mid-century. We believe that the United States is well positioned to compete within the framework of the Paris Agreement, with abundant low-carbon resources such as natural gas, and innovative private industries, including the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors. When it comes to carbon policies, the goal should be to design a policy that’s in the best interest of society by reducing emissions at the lowest cost.

We’re disappointed in the Administration’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord. We were among those who urged the president to uphold our commitment to the 195-nation agreement, and to recognize its value in orchestrating a global response to the climate challenge.
At PG&E, our course will not change. We will continue to move full speed ahead to meet California’s clean energy goals.
Our conviction that we need to sharply reduce carbon emissions—and do so now—is a position we took more than a decade ago, when PG&E became one of the first companies in the Fortune 500 to call for such action. And we continue to believe those measures must take place on both a national and an international scale in order to be effective.
We will continue to engage constructively with policymakers at all levels—including the Administration—to modernize energy infrastructure and support the investments that are essential to providing safe, reliable, affordable and clean energy.

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