100 Best: Most Improved

The biggest movers in the 100 Best Corporate Citizens List.

By The Edtiors

As with all of our Best Corporate Citizens lists, we use the same methodology for the Most Improved Corporate Citizens list as we do for the 100 Best Corporate Citizens list with some additional data analysis. (Visit www.thecro.com/content/cr-magazine-corporate-citizenship-lists-methodology for a full description of our methodology.) The Best Corporate Citizens database comprises publicly-available data from Russell 1000 companies collected and analyzed by IW Financial, a Portland, Maine-based financial analysis firm serving the ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) investment community.

For the Most Improved Corporate Citizens list, we identify all companies in the top half of the Russell 1000 (this is in order to establish a starting set of companies that have achieved at least a minimal level of performance) that have been listed in the Russell 1000 for two years.

We then compare the rankings from the prior year to the current year (for this 2012 list, we compared the 2011 and 2012 ranks), calculate the ranking difference, and then identify the 50 that have improved most in year-over-year rank.

For details on the weightings, the data collection process, and analysis, please visit www.thecro.com and click on the Specials/100 Best Corporate Citizens from the top menu.

Details from the 2012 Most Improved list
Among the 50 most improved companies, 19 experienced the most improvement in the Employee Relations category, 14 in the Environmental category, 12 in the Financial category, 2 each in the Climate Change and Philanthropy categories, and 1 in the Governance category.

The two industries with the highest number of growth companies are Services with 12 companies in the top 50 (or 24 percent of the total; Services companies account for 7 percent of the Russell 1000) and Financials/Insurance/Real Estate with 6 companies (or 12 percent of the total; Financials/Insurance/Real Estate account for 19 percent of the Russell 1000). The average rank improvement across the 50 is 260 ranks; the average percentage rank improvement is 46 percent.

—The Editors

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Posted March 7, 2013 in Corporate Governance