Legal Responsibility: 2014 Legal Who’s Who

Here are some of the best and brightest in the legal community.

By The Editors

Corporate Responsibility Magazine is pleased to present our 2014 Legal Who’s Who. Taking our key from the triple bottom line—money, people and planet—we’ve chosen to focus on three practice areas: securities, employment law, and environmental law.

One of our key measurements was litigation; many lawyers made this list for their participation in litigating major, high- impact cases. We wanted other measurements besides that, so we did a brief survey to gather nominees from the legal community. Finally, we reached out to a panel of business people and asked them to nominate outstanding lawyers they’ve worked with. We think you’ll find the results useful.

Editor’s Note: Securities litigation begins with successfully pleading a claim, and it’s meant to be a difficult process. The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 forced rigorous standards on all securities pleadings, requiring plaintiffs to successfully state all of the following:
1. Falsity, i.e., a misrepresentation or omission,
2. Materiality, i.e., the misrepresentation or omission mattered,
3. Reliance, i.e., it was reasonable to act on the information,
4. Loss Causation, i.e., people lost money because of that material misstatement or omission, and
5. Scienter, a technical term that boils down to a fraudulent mindset, i.e., the corporate officers meant to commit fraud.

Defense counsel usually seeks to get the court to dismiss claims because of a failure in at least one area. The definitions of each of these are subject to frequent litigation. This list includes lawyers on prominent cases in 2013, and others nominated by the editors and a panel from the business community:

Click here for the 2014 Legal Who’s Who

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