From Where I Sit

From Where I Sit
By Jim Murren
Chairman and CEO, MGM Resorts International

Doing the right thing should be a standard in our personal lives, and our business lives.

It’s clearly the way those companies on the 100 Best List — published in this edition of CR Magazine — conduct themselves. The companies that made the 2014 list, and their employees, are leading the effort every day to do the right thing. We offer our thanks and our congratulations to those companies that were ranked.

At MGM Resorts, we have long held the conviction that the success of our company, and subsequently our resorts, is inextricably tied to the well- being of the communities where we operate.

As a hospitality and entertainment company, the health and vibrancy of our communities plays a critical factor in our ability to host guests, entertain them and, in doing so, create lasting lifetime memories for them. This success contributes to their loyalty.

This is why we have made such a high priority of being stewards of the environment. By leading in earth-friendly practices, we hope to set an example for others who want to do the right thing but don’t know how. We also hope our practices create economic vibrancy. Conserving and preserving our natural resources is paramount to not only our company’s success, but the success and well-being of our employees and communities.

That’s why we have ensured our Diversity Initiatives are among the strongest in our industry. MGM Resorts is committed to providing our employees with work and community environments that empower them to excel both at and away from their work stations. Just like our sustainable practices, the vitality of our employees is important to
the success of our company. Their ability to serve our guests with the utmost level of excellence is greatly influenced before they even leave their homes to come to work. We understand that the condition of their neighborhoods, and the quality of their family relationships, are essential components to their quality of work. Supporting our communities’ business, education, health care, and cultural sectors increases the pool of trained and educated talent. Ultimately, this bolsters our ability to excel at what we do.

Doing the right thing is a journey. Like the “100 Best,” we’ve been on this journey for a while but we haven’t yet arrived at our destination. We realize that the world around us is constantly changing and the best we can do is to listen to our stakeholders, and seek common objectives through shared values.

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