CR’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens 2014

Our 15th chronicle of transparency, accountability, and business performance
By The Editors

Corporate Responsibility Magazine is pleased to present our 15th annual list of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens.
This year’s 100 Best List began with our research team documenting 298 data points of disclosure and performance measurements for the entire Russell 1000. The data was harvested from publicly available information and each company was ranked in seven categories:

  • Environment
  • Climate change
  • Employee relations
  • Human rights
  • Corporate governance
  • Financial performance
  • Philanthropy.

More details on our methodology follow the List.

We offer the companies named to the 2014 100 Best List our congratulations—for delivering on their commitments
to transparency and accountability in highly competitive industries.

As usual, we’ve had some turnover; 23 companies are on the 2014 list that were not on the 2013 list. That’s slightly less turnover than last year and in the normal range we’ve experienced since beginning these rankings 15 years ago. We welcome the newcomers.

There are also some familiar names: 17 companies have been on the list every year since 2008, and that’s no easy trick— one of our key measurements is financial performance, meaning those companies consistently performed good while performing well. Two other interesting statistics:

33 companies jumped an average of 20 ranks, and 42 companies dropped an average of 17 ranks.
“CR Magazine’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens is the only ranking that doesn’t rely on self-reporting,” says Elliot Clark, CEO of SharedXpertise, publisher of CR Magazine. “Each year, we measure the most transparent companies who report on their responsible practices. We congratulate those honored on this year’s 100 Best for their commitment to corporate responsibility.”

Click here to view the 2014 100 Best Corporate Citizens List.

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