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Combatting Fake News: Advice for Brands

brandw By Dave Armon While Congress examines the impact of fake news on the 2016 election, corporate executives are partnering with media watchdogs so they are better prepared for the day a hoax targets their brands. The News Integrity Initiative, freshly funded with $14 million to combat fake news, is preparing to create an early warning network by linking together newsrooms with NGOs and corporate social media “war rooms” so misinformation campaigns can be identified earlier and quickly revealed to affected audiences. “Tech brings incredible opportunity to connect each other to do amazing things; but there are bad actors,” said Jeff Jarvis, director of the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the CUNY J-School and executive committee member of the News Integrity Initiative, whose funders include Facebook, Craig Newmark Philanthropic Fund and the Ford Foundation. Companies that find themselves in the crosshairs of sudden, high-volume social media attacks should take a deep breath before jumping into the fray, says Leah Gerstner, vice president of public affairs for American Express.

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