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Today, Earth Overshoot Day

mike-wilson-113304-woman-in-crowd-e1501447611364 To gain practical skills for sustainability management, join us at the COMMIT! Forum in DC October 11-12 2017 By Tom Schueneman Today is Earth Overshoot Day. As of today, the year is done for planet Earth, she has given a year's worth of natural resources.  It may seem counter-intuitive at first. Obviously, we aren’t done with 2017 yet. How can we take more than the Earth makes, for decades on end? Have you ever run out of money before running out of month? If not, pat yourself on the back. You know how to consistently manage your resources. For the rest of us, we borrow against our future ability to fill in the gaps, keep things flowing. What about running out of Earth before running out of year? We all do that.

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