Editor’s Letter: Corporate Responsibility is Essential Today

Politics have overtaken our everyday lives in 2017. You can’t turn on the news or go online without seeing headlines about new executive orders, different legislation, and overturned regulations. Try as I might to stay away from opinion-based writing, I feel it’s time to speak out on some issues I see developing today.

Lately, some individuals have been questioning science itself; for example, there is a lot of discussion and debate on whether climate change is “real” or not. According to NASA, the EPA, and multiple other government and environmental agencies, it is. Facts are important; I am glad I am a journalist employed at a publication that prides itself on providing timely, fact-based articles from experts in the field. And our field is extremely important right now. Corporate responsibility is essential for all businesses to operate ethically today, period.

CR is comprised of multiple topics that all intertwine, including the environment, employee relations, human rights, corporate governance, finance, and philanthropy. No one area is more important than the other, and a responsible business needs to keep all of these in mind in everyday operations. But because the environment is a hot topic today, I’d like to note that the following regulations are critical, and—in my opinion—should not be overturned:

• WOTUS Rule – an EPA rule designed to define and protect natural waterways;

• Clean Power Plan – An effort to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and meet its commitments to the Paris Agreement; and

• Stream Protection Rule – A rule that prevents coal companies from dumping mining waste into streams and waterways.

The environment is delicate and in danger, and I applaud companies that recognize this and, as a result, operate sustainably in order to prevent further damage and climate change. In this issue, we highlight the top companies that have built green company campuses that contribute to a better environmental future. These structures offer renewable energy solutions such as solar and wind power, LED lighting, rainwater collection, electric car charging, composting, recycling—and an overall healthy workplace for employees.

Further, this issue also features our 100 Best Corporate Citizens List: a roundup of companies that make a difference in CR and the world at large. These companies have met the challenges created by the current economic climate, and they set an example for other corporations to follow. We congratulate these winners, as being a standout CR leader is truly an accomplishment.

I encourage our readers to think about how they can better themselves in the industry. Maybe this includes biking to work, starting up a workplace philanthropic initiative, or even just remembering and utilizing few tips from our publication. If you have any suggestions on what we at CR Magazine can do better please email Belinda.Sharr@Sharedxpertise.com or tweet @BelindaSharr. Let’s create a better tomorrow together.

Belinda Sharr


Posted April 20, 2017 in Vol. 8 No. 2 - March/April