CR 100 Best Data Verification Fee – FAQ’s

How much is the fee?

The fee for data verification for the 2017 CR 100 Best is $295.

Why is a fee being implemented?

A fee will be implemented for the 2017 CR 100 Best report in order to at least partially cover the administrative costs of gathering and analyzing the data and providing the ranking. The amount of data that is used to produce the ratings has increased 15-20% per year for the last several years. The fee will be used towards offsetting some of the cost involved in the program.

What does paying the fee get me?

Three year trending reports of company results of each of the data elements will be available if requested. Further, CR Magazine and IWFinancial personnel will be available for individual consultation to discuss the results. The fee can be also applied toward the purchase of a full 33 page custom report. The fee can also be applied toward the purchase of use of the CR 100 Best logo to communicate either internally or externally that a company has achieved this designation.

If I don’t pay the fee, will I still be ranked?

Yes. Every company in the Russell 1000 will be evaluated and ranked. While each company will be ranked, the verification fee is to partake in the verification process where we manage a correspondence about the data, a review of submitted revisions and an additional verification of the revisions. Companies that waive the verification fee will not be permitted to submit suggested revisions to their data files and will be rated on the completed data file initially generated.

Each year several hundred companies submit correspondence and many send revisions. We find in a small percentage of cases minor data errors, but the repeated iterative process has added substantially to our cost for these several steps. The number of companies wanting correspondence or additional detail has grown dramatically over the past several years.

As of 2017, companies wishing the opportunity for additional review can select the verification process and pay the fee and will get additional data year over year data summaries as per below for their investment.

Will paying the fee guarantee me a place in the CR 100 Best?

No. Paying the fee will not impact individual company ratings, either by included in the CR 100 Best or a company’s actual rank. In the spirit of disclosure, a notation will be made in the listing for any company that has any kind of financial relationship with SharedXpertise, CRA or CR Magazine. This is includes paying the processing fee.

When is the fee due?

The data verification must be received by February 19, 2017. This is also the cutoff date for data verification correspondence.

How can I pay the fee?

Please contact Craig Rossein, Director of Business Development, at