Celebrating Corporate Citizenship

The 12th Annual 100 Best Corporate Citizens Announcement & Discussion

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Download free copy of the released presentation material from Michael Hopkins, MIT Sloan Management Review report on “Sustainability: The ‘Embracers’ Seize the Advantage” here.



Elliot Clark, CEO, SharedXpertise Media, LLC

Mr. Clark welcomes delegates and explains why short term thinking is the enemy of responsibility.


Michelle Greene
VP and Head of Corp. Responsibility
NYSE Euronext

Ms. Greene tees up research by MIT and Boston Consulting Group.


Michael Hopkins
MIT Sloan Management Review

Mr. Hopkins presents new research by MIT and BCG entitled “Embracers Seize the Advantage” a global survey of actual practices and how they’ve delivered competitive advantage.  The study examines how sustainability impacts the ability of companies to compete and how it fundamentally changes the practice of management, creates competitive advantage, and what’s next.


Martin Reeves
Senior Partner and Managing Director
Boston Consulting Group

Mr. Reeves answers two lingering questions from the research into how sustainability impacts competitiveness.  What do we think we learned?  What’s still to be learned?  He shares thoughts about the practice of sustainability and its impact on competitiveness.  He outlines three broad areas of competitive advantage derived from sustainability practices:  resource efficiencies, brand benefits, and new innovations/capabilities.

Responsible Competition


Q & A Session
Messrs. Hopkins Hopkins and Reeves take questions from the audience.


Panel One: Does Your CFO Get It?  

Lisa Neuberger, Director, Corporate Citizenship Program, Accenture
Dave Stangis, VP, Corporate Social Responsibility, Campbell Soup
Suzanne Fallender, Director, CSR Strategy and Communications, Intel
Suhas Apte, VP, Global Sustainability, Kimberly Clark
Frank Bernini, Chief Sustainability Officer, Owens Corning

The panel explores how to “speak CFO” -- translating corporate responsibility into hard numbers.  They look at what predisposes some companies and executives to value responsibility and earn a greater return on responsibility while others fall short.  They delve into how to build the business case and show the impact on the bottom line.

Do you speak CFO? 


Panel Two: CR as Competitive Advantage: Case Studies and Real Life Examples

Featuring:Chris Kircher, VP, Sustainability & Foundation President, ConAgra
Dawn Rittenhouse, Director, Sustainable Development, DuPont
Pat Molino, VP, Public Affairs & Corporate Citizenship, Johnson & Johnson
Kathy Brown, Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, Verizon

The panel shares war stories from the front lines of corporate responsibility.  How they earned permission to start programs, built programs that drive value, and how they plan to out-do themselves in the future.  Panelists go in-depth on the practices that have worked and what they’d do differently, how they’ve integrated these practices into their business strategy and daily operations, and how they’ve used corporate responsibility to drive real competitive advantage.

Who's responsible?


100 Best List Annoucement

Elliot Clark, CEO, SharedXpertise Media, LLC

Richard Crespin, President, SharedXpertise Media, LLC

The 12th Annual list of the world’s 100 best corporate citizens is revealed.  Highlights of what got individual companies on the list and how they’ve improved are discussed.




Michael Porter
Bishop William Lawrence University Professor
Harvard Business School

Professor Porter reviews the findings of his recent research as featured in the Harvard Business Review in February, “Creating Shared Value”.  This work culminates Professor Porter’s decades long look into how companies create and sustain strategic

Shared Values


Closing Comments

Michael Hopkins MIT Sloan Management Review report on “Sustainability: The ‘Embracers’ Seize the Advantage.”?399.6 KB