Vol. 8 No. 4 – July/August 2017

Corporate Responsibility Practitioner Roundup: Rolland Paper

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 3.55.49 PM While in Detroit for Sustainable Brands, CR Magazine spoke with Michele Bartolini, Marketing Director at Rolland Paper. Bartolini oversees marketing for the premium paper company, which puts reuse at the center of its business model. CRMag: As a marketer, does telling the Corporate Responsibility (CR) story feel different from everyday sales & marketing? Michele Bartolini Rolland’s CR story and our marketing story are really one and the same – there’s no dividing line. This story is all about corporate responsibility, on the part of Rolland and our customers: Our objective is to make the best recycled paper, and maintain the smallest environmental footprint, to help our customers maintain sustainable supply chains. This is tied into our values, our actions, and what we stand for as a company – and our sales people tell this story every day. In brief, CR is business-as-usual for Rolland. CRMag: How has your understanding of CR — within your company or sector and as a general matter — evolved over time? MB: As society in general has become more sensitized to environmental concerns, purchasing patterns have evolved and that has spurred demand for recycled paper – a responsible product.

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Corporate Responsibility Practitioner Roundup: Kohler

Kohler's The Awaken® B90 handshower with Eco-Boost l While in Detroit for Sustainable Brands, CR Magazine spoke with Robert Zimmerman, director of WaSH (water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH) products for Kohler. Rob leads Kohler's efforts to develop water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH) products and services for underserved markets globally. CRMag: As a practitioner, how does telling the Corporate Responsibility (CR) story feel different from everyday sales & marketing? Robert Zimmerman: We look at communicating Kohler’s corporate responsibility program (what we call our “Believing in Better” focus) as a long-term relationship-building strategy with our customers and key stakeholders. It’s the story behind our products: The community stewardship and environmental sustainability aspects that are a legacy of the company. Our customers expect us to do the right thing, that’s what it comes down to, and it’s important that we let them know what we are doing to preserve the environment and support our communities.

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How Stakeholder Engagement Boosts Brand and Brand Values

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 1.46.41 PM To gain practical skills to boost stakeholder and employee engagement, join us at the COMMIT! Forum in DC October 11-12 2017 By Jan Lee Companies are under increasing pressure from stakeholders to demonstrate their commitment to social and environmental initiatives. Whether it’s providing shelter or meals for homeless families, increasing funding for educational programs or lobbying for change in Washington about issues that affect their businesses, consumers, clients and investors want to know that the companies they invest in aren’t afraid to engage in social initiatives. According to a recent survey by the Public Affairs Council, 60 percent of corporate respondents said their stakeholders expect the company to engage socially in their communities. More than 70 percent of those respondents also said they expect that demand from stakeholders to increase, not decrease, in the coming years. That’s because social programs are also helping to drive consumer behavior.

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