Vol. 7 No. 4 – July/August 2016

Building a Better World

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 11.10.24 AM Saint-Gobain North America CEO John Crowe Speaks on how the company leads in sustainability By Elliot Clark Spending nearly your entire career at one company is a rarity in today's day and age. CR Magazine recently spoke with John Crowe, president and CEO of Saint-Gobain Corporation and CertainTeed Corporation, who has been at the company for 38 years total. He offers some insight into how and why sustainability is so important at Saint-Gobain and what it means to be a "lifer." CR: You have worked for Saint-Gobain almost your entire career. JC: That's correct. I'm in my 38th year of Saint-Gobain service; you don't find too many people anymore who are 'lifers.' I was part of a major acquisition Saint-Gobain made back in 1990, Norton Company, in Worcester, Mass. And that was the acquisition that brought abrasives, ceramics, the genesis of our performance plastics business. So I'm a lifer and it's one big huge global family I feel part of today.

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The Main Event

Main Event
How to get the most out of your sustainable summits—experts share their top tips.
By Belinda Sharr
Many companies planning upcoming business events look at the big-picture logistics—but they need to make sure they're looking at the small stuff too; small items like paper product and water bottles can add up to a big impact. So where should professionals begin their event plan? CR Magazine spoke with Andrew Walker, certified meeting professional and manager of events at Meeting Professionals International (MPI), and Mariela Mcllwraith, certified meeting professional, certified meeting manager, MBA, and director of sustainability at GMIC, an Initiative of the Convention Industry Council, for advice on how to plan an event that provides a great experience for attendees, while ensuring it's operating responsibly.Walker has worked in the global meeting and event industry for more than 10 years.

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Highly Technical

shutterstock_226827547 [Converted]
A list of the best new sustainable technology products that are making serious strides in innovation.
By the Editors
With the sustainable landscape changing so rapidly; products need to keep up. CR Magazine has a new feature that will run in every issue—the best new sustainable products we have come across this year, across many industries. This month we begin with the best new products in technology. These products are listed in alphabetical order and were compiled from editorial research. If you have any new products you would like to share with the community, please email Belinda.Sharr@Sharedxpertise.com. The below are some observations and recommendations that can help meet the challenges posed by the rule's unique due diligence and reporting requirements. Product: Block'hood Website: www.

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Liquid Need

WaterAid reavels the "Loo with a View" at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, New York City on Saturday, September 27, 2015.

One organization works with companies to help global communities access safe water.

By Belinda Sharr

Clean water and access to sanitation are basic human rights, according to the U.N. However, for millions of people around the globe, having access to these necessities is nearly impossible. WaterAid is stepping in to help. The international non-profit organization seeks to improve the availability of safe water, hygiene products, and sanitation services. Through its partners, the company provided 2 million people with safe water and 3 million people with sanitation last year.

WaterAid CEO Sarina Prabasi says that the impact of clean water reaches many levels of society—some that people may not often consider.The effect of poor water quality specifically worsens the quality of life for women. "In many countries not having safe water means a young girl is collecting water instead of going to school.

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COMMIT! To Responsible Business Practices

The upcoming 2016 COMMIT!Forum will take place this October in New York City.
By Christa Elliott Sustainability is more than a word—it's a commitment to more responsible, ethical, and environmentally friendly business practices. Every year, business leaders from all over the country gather around that commitment at CR Magazine's annual COMMITIForum. The forum's lineup of speakers and presenters will offer new insights into the world of sustainability and corporate responsibility. This event creates opportunities for responsible buyers and sellers to connect and for professionals from a variety of industries to hear from sustainable-business leaders. The 2016 event will be held Oct. 18-19 at the Westin New York in New York City. Presentations on the agenda include a panel discussion from MGM, which will cover sustainability in the company, and a special session from Mosaic on the company's latest innovations in mining, manufacturing, supply chain, and product development.

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Brand Names


Four large companies share how they are working toward a more sustainable tomorrow.

Belinda Sharr

One of the main reasons executives attend conferences is to learn, and Sustainable Brands annual conference provides just the platform. The collaborative confab allows CR leaders to get insight into how organizations are achieving their sustainability goals. CR Magazine attended the event, and was able to speak with several prominent brands about their sustainability efforts at their organizations. CR is No Game at Caesars Entertainment Corporate responsibility is a priority—not a gamble—for Caesars Entertainment. The company strives to exceed guests'—and their own— expectations for sustainability. Gwen Migita, vice president of sustainability and corporate citizenship at Caesars, spoke with CR Magazine about sustainability in the gaming and entertainment industry, and what Caesars' goals are for the future.

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Turbo Power

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 12.04.45 PM
UTC and Pratt & Whitney's turbofan engine is set to revolutionize sustainable air travel.
Belinda Sharr
With air travel continually becoming more widespread, the sustainability of flight is on the minds of both the CR community and technology leaders. That's where United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and Pratt & Whitney step in. They have created a jet engine that addresses sustainability needs for flights of the future. Pratt & Whitney, a UTC company, recently shipped its new Pure Power PW1000G engine with Geared Turbofan technology to the Sustainable Brands conference in June in San Diego. It attracted a lot of attention from attendees, as the large piece of machinery stood well over six feet tall near the entrance to the venue.So how does it work? The engine features a state-of-the- art gear system that separates the engine fan from the low pressure compressor and turbine, allowing each of the modules to operate at their optimum speeds.

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The Power Of Purpose

The Power of Purpose

Tips on how company leaders can tie business purpose to strategy, ensuring success
Tips on how company leaders can tie business purpose to strategy, ensuring success.
By Shannon Schuyler
To succeed, a company must consider its North Star: Why it's in business; what brings humanity to its suite of services; and what brings meaning to the hours of work its people invest in solving problems. According to PwC's 19th Annual CEO Global Survey, CEOs across industries are acknowledging that a business purpose—a clear reason to exist beyond making money—goes hand-in-hand with a sound business strategy. But how is purpose being adopted in organizations and resonating with employees? To find this out, PwC conducted a dual survey of more than 1,500 full- and parttime employees and 500 business leaders in the United States across 39 industries. Four findings from Putting Purpose to Work stand out: 1. Companies aren't walking the walk.

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Opinion: Leading for Trust

OPINION - Leading for Trust
Why elevating organizational trust is important for your company and how to do it
Why elevating organizational trust is important for your company and how to do it.
By Barbara Brooks Kimmel
Recently, I sat quietly as a Fortune 500 CEO told me there were no "trust issues" in his organization. After all, the company's quarterly earnings were increasing, and international expansion was on target; what more could shareholders want? But I remained skeptical because I had done my homework. The company's Glassdoor employee ratings were low: it scored significantly below average in Trust Across America's FACTS® Framework compared to its peers, and the company had just paid a multi-million-dollar fine for bribery. In this age of growing transparency, how could this CEO believe, let alone say, that there were no trust issues? Organizational trustworthiness, core values, and simple workplace culture are nothing more than reflections of decisions made by leadership to drive not only shareholder, but also all stakeholder relationships—and the higher the trust, the stronger these relationships become.

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Water Works

Water Works

MGM shares its sustainable water conservation efforts during the current drought period
MGM shares its sustainable water conservation efforts during the current drought period.
By Cindy Ortega If a business wanted to cut its energy use in a significant and impactful way, it easily could by tapping into a vast array of energy-efficient technologies currently available in the market. But reducing its water use might prove a bit more challenging. It could be done, as the market is full of ideas about saving water. But there hasn't been an efficient way to vet those ideas, short of implementing them. From a business perspective. That's important. You want to know the benefits and drawbacks of any new technology before you put it to use. Otherwise, you could very well waste time and money on something that isn't all that effective. These are the reasons that MGM Resorts partnered with WaterStart, a Nevada-based entity that will identify cutting-edge technologies to implement throughout MGM's global operations.

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