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What Gets Employees Engaged – Or Dis-Engaged?

What Gets Employees Engaged – Or Dis-Engaged?

By Bill Hatton

Sustainable Workforce
Employee engagement: There have been many words for the concept over the years. Back in the 90s, it was “Be Proactive.” Earlier, it was any of these: Take initiative;
get your head in the game; play to win, don’t play not to lose; apply yourself; buy the ticket, take the ride; grab the bull by the horns; once more into the breach; honest day’s work for honest day’s pay; mindfulness; engage!
The concept is clear: Get fully involved in the task. Engaged employees are not just going through the motions until they can do something else. They are not distracted. They are here, now, personally immersed in doing what they are doing. Managers have been trying to get others fully engaged as long as there has been management.
So what gets in the way? The same-old: distractions (there’s always something easier and more compelling), excuses (obstacles that either provided a reason to
check out), disincentives/wrong incentives (management measures and rewards the wrong things), and sometimes, issues of character.

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Integrating Circuits and Responsibility

Intel constructs powerful agenda for new initiativesStangis

By Danielle Lee

Despite lofty positions on various best-of corporate responsibility and sustainability rankings, including the No. 1 slot on CRO’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens 2008 list, chip maker Intel—led in its CR efforts by Dave Stangis, its Director of Corporate Responsibility—believes its efforts are still a work in progress.

These planned improvements come at a time when various antitrust lawsuits against the company and an anti-competition investigation recently launched by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reach critical mass.

A Hallmark for Intel

Stangis appreciates how far Intel has come and where it needs to go. With 12 years at the Santa Clara, Calif., technology firm, beginning in an environmental, health and safety capacity, Stangis discussed Intel’s corporate responsibility accomplishments, challenges and priorities.

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