Vol. 7 No. 6 – November/December 2016

CR From the Top Down

screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-1-56-31-pm A look at the accomplishments of the 2016 Responsible CEO of the Year Awards winners. Christa Elliott What does it mean to be a great business leader? In the realm of CR, it means taking personal and professional risks to meet sustainability objectives and creating a business environment that is more socially and environmentally responsible. Here at CR Magazine, we believe that the winners of the 2016 Responsible CEO of the Year Awards have done just that. Since they were first distributed in 2008, this set of awards has annually recognized the achievements of exceptional CEOs who have exhibited visionary leadership, and, in turn, have taken strides towards more responsible corporate practices. This year's winners have proven their commitment in a variety of ways—from improving working conditions in factories and promoting gender equality in the boardroom to bettering energy management at their facilities and serving local communities. Each award winner was nominated by one or more of their colleagues.

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Ascending to Perfection

screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-1-58-49-pm By the Editors We honor 25 of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens that have shown the most advancement this year in their CR commitment. CR Magazine recognizes excellence every year with the 100 Best Corporate Citizens List. These top responsible companies know that constantly striving to be better is a huge part of being a leader in CR. We feel it's necessary to acknowledge the progress many companies are making to improve their responsible business efforts further—becoming even better corporate citizens in the process. The name of The Ladder Awards came from the term "Jacob's Ladder," which is a concept of the way to get from Earth to heaven, or—in CR terms—progressing from where a company is to where it wants to be, responsibly. These companies have indeed 'climbed the laddersbridging the gap between present and future goals, and achieving impressive progress. The following list is comprised of the companies that have advanced the most places and made the most dramatic developments in their commitment to corporate responsibility and social impact.

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Getting Involved

screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-1-41-17-pm Five steps to engage employees in company sustainability programs. Liz Lowe Since its grassroots inception, Adobe's sustainability program has created opportunities for all employees to be environmental advocates. The program started in 2009, when a group of employees in San Jose, Calif., wanted to encourage co-workers to live more sustainably, so they planted a rooftop garden and launched a brown-bag lunch series featuring guest speakers who were experts on environmental topics. This first employee-led sustainability group offered opportunities to build knowledge and competence, empowering employees to implement sustainability solutions at work and home. Today, there are 22 global employee-led teams that focus on programs offering co-workers quick, easy ways to engage on key environmental issues. Adobe's corporate responsibility team provides resources, encouragement, and support for the teams and for sustainability events. At a recent event, more than 200 employees lined up over lunch to purchase discounted energy and water saving kits.

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Bad Behavior

Commit! Forum at the Westin Hotel in Times Square on October 18, 2016 in New York City. (Photos by Ben Hider) CR Survey report indicates 81 percent of respondents wouldn't join a company with a bad reputation. By The Editors The importance of a company's reputation cannot be understated. Corporate Responsibility Magazine's annual corporate reputation study indicates that an organization can be perceived as "good" or "bad," and this perception directly affects both the quantity and quality of talent—and people won't work at a company that gives off a bad impression. CR Magazine worked with leading strategic recruitment process outsourcing partner Cielo on the survey, titled "The Cost of a Bad Reputation." The results were announced at the 2016 COMMITIForum in New York City on Oct. 18. According to the results, the implications of a bad reputation remain the same year-to-year: Talent is often unwilling to consider an employment at a company with a negative reputation, and when they do, it comes with a high cost. Companies with bad reputations need to spend more on recruiting costs because of the greater difficulty to source, hire and on-board new employees.

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Diversion Tactics

cr-novdec2016-wastemanagement Waste Management and the COMMITIForum worked together to prevent over 90 percent of event trash from ending up in landfills. By Belinda Sharr There is more food waste in landfills than any other type of discarded item, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Nearly 40 percent of food grown, processed, and transported in the United States will never be consumed; at conferences and events the amount of waste is similar—way too much. For the second year in a row, Waste Management (WM) partnered with the COMMITIForum in October 2016 to ensure that the event produced minimal landfill waste; setting it apart from so many conferences that throw away a large number of recyclable items in the interest of simpleness. The results from this partnership were remarkable—63 percent more waste was diverted this year than last year. A total of 90.5 percent of waste from the forum was diverted from landfills—compared to 55.5 percent at the 2015 event. Continue reading →

Pillars of Change

cr-novdec2016-diversityinculsion_tr_headshot_cmyk How responsible companies stack up in Thomson Reuter's new D&l Index. By Livia Konkel Diversity and inclusion are extremely important initiatives that forward-thinking companies should be considering today. But how can a company know where it excels, where needs to improve, and how it compares to its competitors? In September of 2016, Thomson Reuters launched its diversity and inclusion (D&l) Index, which provides innovative indices and index-related services to the global financial community to help investors make better, more informed decisions. An ever-growing mountain of data suggests that companies that track, report, and achieve success on measures of diversity, inclusion, and people development tend to perform better financially. Designed around this hypothesis, the Thomson Reuters D&l Index gives investors critical insights by screening companies for long-term opportunities and risks. The D&l Index ratings are built on Thomson Reuters ESG (environmental, social, and governance) data, which is available to its clients through Thomson Reuters Eikon.

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Raise a Glass

red-wine-2-1326941 Sustainability with regards to water, energy, and people at Jackson Family Wines. By The Editors According to the National Wine Institute, Americans drink over 800 million gallons of wine per year. With this high rate of consumption, it's important to ensure that wine is produced sustainably in the U.S. Family-owned Jackson Family Wines was started in 1982 by lawyer-turned-farmer Jess S. Jackson. It produces well-known brands like Kendall Jackson and La Crema, as well as smaller labels such as Cambria and Stonestreet. In addition to its focus on wine, responsibility and environmental stewardship have always been at the heart of the business. Three of the core areas of focus are water, energy, and people, according to Katie Jackson, Jackson Family Wines representative of government relations and community outreach. The company described these three core areas, and explained why they are so important in sustainable wine-making—for them and for all other beverage companies across the U.

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Modern Day Slavery

shutterstock_218899729 Human trafficking prevention is a corporate responsibility, and now a compliance requirement. By Douglas Hileman, Lydia Hultquist, and Dynda Thomas Imagine this scenario: The promise of a high-paying job in an exotic, faraway place. But then the small price to get there turns into a bigger "fee" and an arduous journey with little food or water. The job is low-paying in a remote location with cramped, crowded living quarters on a boat with no escape for someone trapped 10 miles at sea. This may sound like a description of something from a history book, or fiction novel, but this describes the current situation for millions of people in the world today. The International Labor Organization estimates that about 21 million people live in various types of modern day slavery, or are victims of human trafficking ('MDSHT') And these people may have helped make something you're wearing, or something you ate today. As awareness of MDSHT has grown in recent years, many companies have voluntarily taken actions to reduce risks of MDSHT in their supply chains.

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Tweeting on the Issues

twitter-button Attendees discussed current industry topics and wrote summarizing Tweets during the COMMIT!Forum Issue Tables session. By Allie Williams, CRA Executive Director At the COMMIT!Forum, the “Issue Tables” provided a relaxed setting for attendees to share their knowledge and insights on the most relevant corporate responsibility issues. Each table was chaired by an issue expert who helped to guide and facilitate the conversation. Attendees were able to discuss, debate, and share knowledge on the issues. At the end of the session, each table created a tweet to share with the entire audience, and online. I am sharing them with you here, and make sure to follow us @CR_Mag and @thecroa. “Engaging the C-Suite” C-Suite engagement requires both a business case & a network of internal & external stakeholder support “Building/Managing Sustainable Supply Chain” A supply chain shouldn’t be a game of telephone.

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Diverse Options

By the Editors
A list of D&l experts who can help companies meet long-term talent goals.
Diversity and inclusion are of an utmost importance at responsible companies today. To help with these efforts at your company, sometimes you need an outside source to provide the best innovative and consultative approach. Below are multiple experts in diversity challenges, and they can help you meet your company's strategic goals. This list is not exhaustive, and was compiled from editorial research. To add a company or consultant to the list, email Belinda.Sharr@sharedxpertise.com. Company: Accenture Website: www.accenture.com Company: The Acumen Company Website: http://theacumencompany.com Company: Alexander Mann Solutions Website: http://alexandermannsolutions.com Company: A.T. Kearney Website: www.

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