Vol. 7 No. 5 – September/October 2016

CR In Fashion

PVH Corporation CEO Manny Chirico candidly discusses the environment, safety, and gender diversity.
By Elliot Clark
Emanuel (Manny) Chirico is chairman and CEO of PVH Corporation-the billion-dollar American clothing company that owns Arrow, Calvin Klein, IZOD, and Tommy Hilfiger and licenses brands BCBG Max Azria, Chaps, Geoffrey Beene, JOE Joseph Abboud, Kenneth Cole New York, MICHAEL Michael Kors, and Sean John. Chirico spoke with CR Magazine about being a leader of some of the country's most recognizable brands, and the important role corporate responsibility plays at the company.Elliot Clark: You've been with PVH for 20 years; you started as a financial executive. How has corporate responsibility become so important to you where you've made it one of the core values of PVH? Manny Chirico: I did have a bright light moment, where the light bulb went off.

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2016 Most Responsible Companies Ranked By Industry Sector


The top corporations dedicated to sustainability in 11 significant categories.

By The Editors

CR Magazine has announced its annual set of the "2016 Most Responsible Companies Ranked by Industry Sector" list. This list serves to help readers establish that their supply chain is comprised of the most responsible, sustainable, and transparent companies-creating shared value when strategic opportunities arise.

This ranked list includes the top 12 companies in 11 industry categories. We congratulate all who appear on this list.For these compilations, we use the same methodology as the "100 Best Corporate Citizens List," with one additional data slice. The Best Corporate Citizens database comprises publicly available data from Russell1000 companies collected and analyzed by IW Financial, a Portland, Maine-based financial analysis firm serving the environment, social, and governance (ESG) investment community.

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On High Alert


Three experts share why companies should be aware of risk and steps to take to mitigate it.

By The Editors
An organization's commitment to corporate responsibility isn't just within the four walls of the company. It extends to the supply chain as well. A trio of experts - Dynda Thomas, Lydia Hultquist, and Douglas Hileman recently discussed risk management within the supply chain and offered advice on how companies can avoid potential issues.
Where Risk Comes From Douglas Hileman, a risk management professional and auditor with his own firm, describes risk as anything that poses a threat to meeting organizational objectives. Boards, senior management, investors, and other stakeholders are interested in an organization's risk management now more than ever.

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Protecting Your Professional Persona

A business image expert offers tips on how CEOs can manage their brand.
By The Editors
CEOs have the business brand to worry about, but they should also be aware of their own personal brand as well. In today's day, a CEO's image can make or break the public's perception of them. Employees notice what their chief executive is doing-so how can the CEO make sure they are seen doing it well? Karen Tiber Leland is a branding expert and author of The Brand Mapping Strategy: Design, Build and Accelerate Your Brand. She is also president of Sterling Marketing Group, where she helps companies, CEO's, and executives build stronger personal, team, and business brands. She spoke with CR Magazine about how CEO's can use branding to their advantage. CR Magazine: How can a CEO tweak their own personal brand to make themselves more approachable and efficient to their staff and society, especially in today's challenging business landscape? Karen Leland: To begin with, CEOs must understand that creating a "CEO brand" is no longer an option, but a necessity.

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An Eye On The Future


A look at approaching markets and the benefits of socially responsible investing.

By Chat Reynders

The notion of doing well and doing good in the context of socially responsible investing (SRI) has changed dramatically in recent years. The practice has evolved from a fringe concept that focused on little more than divesting from "sin" stocks into a powerful and more fully informed investment discipline.During its early decades, SRI was akin to financial activism. But today, money flows into SRI are increasing significantly among key segments of investors. In fact, according to US SIF's 2014 report on sustainable investing, the overall total of SRI assets in the U.S. was $6.57 trillion entering 2014, nearly double the total in 2010 and a tenfold increase over 1995 totals. And the next generation is vocal about the trend, as 45 percent of wealthy millennials assert they will put their money to work for social gain.

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The Zero Waste Goal

Why standardization is important and necessary in the circular economy.
By William F. Hoffman IlI
During more than 25 years of experience in the environmental field, one would see that everyone has a different idea of what sustainability means. That is no surprise. However, even a seemingly simple concept like what counts as diversion from landfill can lead to emotional discussions (or possible arguments) of the definition of the term-let alone what "zero" really means in the context of a zero waste claim. Developing a common language, a shared understanding of basic principles, is critical to assessing progress against aspirational visions of high diversion rates, zero waste, and the ideas of a circular economy. Without this common understanding of terms and assumptions, it sometimes feels like one of us is talking Chinese while other is speaking Italian.

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Better Together

How organizations can align sustainability efforts with employer brand in order to attract the right talent.
By Debbie Bolla
With 63 percent of full-time employees looking for new employment, according to recent research from talent solutions provider iCIMS, a company's reputation is now more important than ever. The pressure to be seen as an employer of choice has increased organizational focus on employer brand, which is how a company is viewed by its workers and potential employees. "Individuals want to work for organizations with a positive reputation and ethical c-suite leadership," says Jill Schwieters, president of Cielo Healthcare. CR Magazine's 2015 Corporate Reputation Survey found that if unemployed, 86 percent of American females said they would not join a company with a bad reputation.

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Leading the Way

The finalists for our annual Responsible CEO of the Year Awards are an impressive group making strides in multiple sustainable areas.
By Belinda Sharr
Leading a company is no small task. To be a successful CEO is challenging, but to be a responsible CEO takes great dedication, commitment, and ambition. CR Magazine honors these types of leaders each year with its Responsible CEO of the Year awards. This year's honorees have accomplished many great things, including launching an extensive STEM education initiative; meeting energy reduction targets; creating a student loan debt reduction plan for employees; operating many veteran programs to help military members; and commissioning a research project that quantified climate change risk.

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Get Committed

Check out these exciting sessions and excellent networking opportunities at the annual forum.
By Belinda Sharr
Responsible companies and their employees have an obligation to be committed to sustainability. Corporate responsibility is an area that can be vast and complex, and getting together with colleagues to share best practices and offer advice is a simple way to take on this challenging topic; it's also an activity that the COMMIT! Forum offers during its annual event. Networking is a key part of the forum, and there will be many opportunities to gather with like-minded individuals to share innovative ideas during networking breaks and issue table sessions. Those attendees who are dedicated to corporate responsibility will be ready to discuss business challenges and solutions, catch up with old friends and colleagues, and to meet new ones.

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Risky Business

The top management consultants who can help responsible businesses succeed.
By The Editors
Forecasting and evaluating financial risks and predicting and controlling their results is an essential task for business today. Assuring this uncertainty will allow a company to meet its goals. CR Magazine has put together a list of risk management consultants who can help you assess your needs. This list was compiled from editorial research, and is unranked and in alphabetical order. To add a company to this list, email Belinda.Sharr@SharedXpertise.com. Company: All-Pro Risk Management, Inc. Location: Washington, U.S. Website: http://allprorisk.com Company: Alvarez & Marsal Regulatory and Risk Management Consulting Location: New York, U.

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