Vol. 6 No 1 – March/April 2015

It’s Time To Stop Trash Talking and Start Talking Trash

By Richard Crespin, Collaborate Up and Danna Pfahl & Kellen Klein, Future 500

Fast-forward 20 years in the United States. Landfills are becoming obsolete. Market-based incentives have been implemented at a large and harmonized scale. Companies no longer pay for trash collection; they get paid for their trash. Waste has intrinsic value as a resource.
This is a future where the theory of a circular economy can actually live, be real and uniquely American. But
how do we get there? With a broad consensus and a willingness to engage across sectors, that’s how. We have to stop fighting over trash and start talking constructively about trash. In fact, as a society, we’re perched on the precipice of some pretty exciting possibilities if we can navigate the hazards of cross-sector collaboration.

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