Carter, Spitzer, Feinberg—and You

CR to Spotlight Capital Markets at Spring CRO Summit

By Jay Whitehead

Learning how to make the business case for recycling in 92 different offices in both a down economy and a recovery—now that’s a great way to make yourself obsolete. Until, of course, a desperate, underperforming, aspirational firm comes knocking. Schuyler seems unlikely to face unemployment any time this century.

If there was ever any question that we live in the Era of Responsibility, the CRO Summit in Boston April 21, 2010, will erase all doubt. The three stars of the Era appearing at the Harvard Club that day to participate in this headline-grabbing, career-propelling program will persuade Corporate Responsibility executives of all stripes to make room on their calendars. This trio will join 20 other presenters and some 250 of your peers for a day of learning, networking, and professional elevation.

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92 Different Recycling Policies

PwC’s pioneering CR officer gets granular.

By The Editors

Shannon Schuyler aspires to a job without a future. Despite the marketplace being filled with downsizing, displacement, and distrust, the Corporate Responsibility leader of the Americas at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), feels that her ultimate success will only occur when she is told that her services are no longer required. “If I do my job right,” she says, “I will not have it in 10 years.”

Schuyler began working at PwC more than a decade ago. “Before PwC, I had started out at an accounting firm, where I did recruiting for actuaries and accountants. So when I came here, I saw the organization from a different view. When people think accounting, they tend to think it is very staid. But this organization has breadth and scope and an ability to try different things.”

After working in various roles—client service, HR, and marketing—Schuyler realized that PwC employees held a collective set of beliefs that would support a formal CR effort.

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