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  • Donated-photo-from-adidas-shoe Apparel Companies Unite to Measure and Improve Sustainability - By Alexandra Rosas It’s hard to imagine two brands more different  than Walmart and Patagonia, yet in 2009 they aligned their unique strengths and issued a call to the industry. In an invitation to some of the world’s largest retailers, then Walmart chief merchandising officer, John Fleming, and Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard proposed an industry […]
  • E2 business leaders meet with former EPA director Gina McCarthy (right of center, gray suit) in Washington, D.C. Business Leaders Respond With Action and Activism - By Jan Lee In June, after months of debate and tense speculation, President Donald Trump did something that would have unprecedented impact in the U.S. business community: He announced he would be pulling the United States’ support for the Paris Accord. Years of negotiations with international counterparts to bring about consensus on how global warming […]
  • Ben & Jerry’s launched its successful campaign flavor Empower Mint in North Carolina, to promote social justice and voting rights. Ben & Jerry’s Brings Social Change Through Ice Cream and Advocacy - Few brands are as famous for their social activism than Ben & Jerry’s. The Vermont ice cream maker with global revenues of more than $1.2 billion (2015) is as much known for its social conscience as for its creamy, irresistible ice cream flavors. Pick a flavor and chances are you’ll walk away with more than […]
  • WGL-renewable-energy-wind-solar Renewing a Brand Through Renewable Energy - By Tina Casey The rooftop solar market has exploded in recent years, enabling individual homeowners and small businesses to claim their turf in the transition to renewable energy. However, rooftop solar is just one of a growing number of opportunities for electricity customers to wean themselves from fossil fuels. The Washington, D.C.-based energy-holding company WGL […]

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