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These organizations have the most improved corporate responsibility performance in the past year, according to our annual list.

By the Editors

Each year, CR Magazine engages its research partners in an in-depth and arduous process that ranks each Russell 1000 company according to its performance on 298 data points related to CR. These data elements are gathered from publicly available information, and are evaluated for our annual 100 Best Corporate Citizens List that measures transparency, accountability, and business success.

Remember: The 100 Best Corporate Citizens List is derived from measuring all the companies in the Russell 1000. For the second year, we decided to take a look at the companies that jumped the largest number of places. This shows a willingness to be held accountable, and a commitment to CR, sustainability, and shared value. We also felt it was valuable to highlight the companies that moved the fastest.

Because it’s more difficult to jump many places near the top of the list, we decided to list two sets of companies:

1. Companies that jumped the largest number of places and fi nished in the 100 Best Corporate Citizens list.

2. Companies that moved the most places within the Russell 1000, but didn’t necessarily fi nish among the 100 Best.

As always, we measure seven categories: environment, climate change, human rights, employee relations, corporate governance, philanthropy, and financial performance. This rewards companies that have effective CR and sustainability programs within the context of successful financial performance.

For complete details on our 100 Best Corporate Best Citizens List methodology, please visit www.thecro.com.

Posted December 9, 2015 in 100 Best